6:00 AM

 6:00  Restoration Radio                                                  BACK TO FRONT

 6:30  Thru The Bible  Q and A

 7:00   Evan. Ken Binkley

 7:30   Restoration Radio

 8:00   Whole World Church of God (Ronald Laughland)

 8:30   Radio Bible Study-Pastor Thompson

 9:00   Restoration Radio Minstries

 9:30   Merry Street Church of God

 9:45   Open Bible Broadcast

10:00  Evan. Pearl Murray

10:30  Health Hope and Inspiration

11:00  Evan. Fred Woodard

11:15  Evan. Pat Childs

11:45  Evan. Jim and Wanda Simpson

12:00  NOON

12:00  Texas Corners Bible Churh

12:30  Dr. Marcel Keller

  1:00  Evan. John Scott

  1:30  Health Hope and Inspiration

  2:00  Moments of Inspiration

  2:15  Whole World Church of God  (Ronald Laughland)

  2:45  Merry Street Youth Department

  3:00  Evang. Harry Mills

  3:30  Evan. James Bryan

  4:15  Wholeworld Church of God

  4:45  Frank and Earnest Bible Study

  4:45  Evan. Paulette Jones

  5:30  Evan. Rickey Waller

  6:00  Fountain of Life Bible Study

  6:30  Fourteenth Avenue Baptist Church

  7:30  Sponsor Talk with Tony and Guests

 10:00 Overcomer Ministry with Bro. Stair (Overnight)