WNAH PROGRAM LINEUP  MONDAY THRU FRIDAY                                                      



  6:00  AM

  6:00  Restoration Radio                                                       BACK TO FRONT

    6:30  Thru The Bible

  7:00  Evan. Jim and Wanda Simpson

  7:15-9:00   Tony In The Morning

           (News-Christian Info-Weather-Interviews)

  7:32  Restoration Radio

  7:37  Tony In The Morning

  8:00  Comprehensive Local Weathe

  8:32  Tony in the Morning with Guests

  9:00  Mt. Bethel Baptist Church

  9:30  Renewing Your Mind

10:00  Prayer with  Pastor Gammon

10:15  Ken Binkley Ministries

10:45  Open Bible Broadcast

11:00  Evan. Jim and Wanda Simpson

11:00  Church Bells with Rev. Porter Jennings

 12:00  Noon

12:00   Merry Street Church of God

12:15   Daily Bible Lesson/Central Church of Christ

12:30   Nolensville Baptist Church (Monday)

12:30   Wholeworld Church of God  (Ronald Laughland) (Tues-Fri)

  1:00   Old Landmarks Hour– Kermit Webb

  1:30   Wholeworld Church of God

  2:00   Christian Sponsor Billboard

  3:00   Dr. Britney Tinker  Your Health

  3:30   Wholeworld Church of God


4:00-10:00 PM  WNAH Informative Christian Talk

           Features With Well Known National Ministers

           Home Improvement Minutes

           Weather Scope

           Weather And News Bulletins

           Information From Our Excellent Sponsors


10:00-6:00 AM WNAH Informative Christian Talk