WNAH PROGRAM LINEUP  MONDAY THRU FRIDAY                                                      



  6:00  AM

  6:00  Restoration Radio                                                       BACK TO FRONT

  6:25  The Osgood File

  6:30  USA Network News

  6:30  Thru The Bible

  7:00  Evan. Jim and Wanda Simpson

  7:15  Ev. Bobby Ross  (Mondays Only)

  7:15  Ev. Jimmy Surgener   (Tuesdays Only)

  7:15-9:00   Tony In The Morning

           (News-Christian Info-Weather-Interviews)

  7:30  USA Network News

  7:32  Restoration Radio

  7:37  Tony In The Morning

  8:00  Comprehensive Local Weather

  8:20  The Osgood File

  8:05  Reporter’s Notebook

  8:25  Rachel Ray from the Kitchen Table in NY

  8:27  Ask Dr. Phil

  8:30  USA Network News 

  8:32  Tony in the Morning with Guests

  8:57  Minute Clinic– Dr. Drew                                      

  9:00  The Osgood File

  9:05  Renewing Your Mind

  9:30  Network News

  9:33  Jesus Is Lord Broadcast

  9:47  The Daily Devotion

10:00  Prayer with the Pastor  (10:00-11:15 Mon and Fri))

10:15  Restoration Radio  (Tue-Wed-Thurs)

10:15  Holiday Heights Baptist Church (Friday)

11:00  Key Life  Tues-Wed-Thurs-Fri

11:00  Church Bells with Rev. Porter Jennings

 12:00  Noon

12:00   Merry Street Church of God

12:15   Daily Bible Lesson/Central Church of Christ

12:30   Nolensville Baptist Church (Monday)

12:30   Restoration Radio With Roy Beasley  (Tues & Thurs)

12:30   Evan. Ken Binkley  (Friday)

  1:00   Pastors John and Fay Williams

  1:15   Moments of Inspiration

  1:30   Evan. James Jackson



  4:05   The Dave Ross Show 

  4:07   Minute Clinic– Dr. Drew


4:10-10:00 PM  WNAH Informative Christian Talk

           Features With Well Known National Ministers

           Network Features

           News Reports

           Dr. Drew

           Home Improvement Minutes

           Weather Scope

           Weather And News Bulletins

           Information From Our Excellent Sponsors


10:00-6:00 AM Overcomer Ministry/Bro. R. G. Stair